What is this blog going to be about?

We’ve moved to the US more than 6 years ago. I played with the idea to write a blog for a long time, since we moved… Actually a very first draft of one post was written when we were still in Prague and we were working on our business plan and visa paperwork. One night I wrote a litany about motivation because 1) I was over-motivated and felt a surge of need to share it, 2) a lot of people were saying we are brave to just throw everything away and move to the US. Some were even saying they are jealous. I was trying to tell them that they could do the move as well, there is nothing special about doing it.

Our Czech Chihuahua working on his tan, not worrying about going bankrupt in next couple months.

You just have to want to do it and be able to jump into unknown. Which is why people don’t do it. I get it. But I was full of confidence (after reading John’s blog and his contagious optimism about how easy doing business in the US is) and I was 100% sure we will succeed. We did not, at least with our first project. Those who know me must know that positive thinking is not my best skill, but I felt that way back then and we did the move. Optimism is just a lack of information. Good thing for us, that confidence and uninformed decisions can still lead to positive results 🙂

bark scorpion
Nice example of a result of the uninformed decision to move to Las Vegas, sometimes you have to share a shower with a scorpion.

Don’t be afraid, this blog won’t be about motivation or how to move to the USA.  At least not in a form of a complete guide from A to Z. During the last couple of years I made notes about what topics I want to cover. They will mostly fall into 3 categories:  funny cultural differences we’ve encountered, some posts may be about travels we do and last but not least, plenty of small bits of trivia what it is like to do business here.

Our first car, around $3,000. Piece of advice, the A/C might be blowing cold air in April when you are buying the car, but that doesn’t mean it will blow cold air in July when it is 115°F (46°C) outside.
Another advice… don’t get used to the parking sensors, not all cars have them. I was waiting for a -beep- and got a -thud- instead. Got stuck in sand at the same time so we dug the wheel out with a soda cup from McDonalds. McDonalds saves lives!

For a long time I struggled with the decision of what language it should be written in. Czech? English? Both? Czech would allow me to write it funnier (English makes me a boring person). English would allow to offer my experience to a broader audience. And writing in both would be tedious. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”. So welcome and pardon my CzEnglish!

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